Master Planning
Contract Management
Clarification of the WBS: Definition of main milestones, work packages and their relations to each other
Clarification of the time schedule for the works: Scheduling of work packages, times, task owners and expected outputs
Definition of project management rules and tools
Daily based support to customer for the project status tracking
Leading and coordination of the technical activities
CAPEX preparation for short term and medium term
Condition assessment of T&D network and generation assets
Analysis of T&D network and power plants of whole region by using following simulation tools (PSS/E, DIgSILENT, CYME, NEPLAN, etc.)
Preparation of planning criteria
Spatial Load Forecasting (Horizontal and vertical load developments)
Electricity T&D system and generation planning, expansion and integration studies
Design of short- and medium-term T&D networks and power plant locations
Grid Assessment Studies
Grid Monitoring
  • High resolution measurements
  • Analyses in both time-domain and frequency-domain
  • Site inspections
  • Condition assessment of grid
Grid Modelling and Simulations in Various Software
  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
Ancillary Services/Stability Requirements
  • Frequency related issues
  • Voltage related issues
  • Reliability related issues
Remedy Actions
Ancillary Services
Consultancy/Owner’s Engineering Services
Analyzing Generator Control Systems (Governor and Excitation Systems)
Engineering Studies, Capacity Increases, Tests, Verifications and Certifications
Ancillary Services;
  • Primary & Secondary Frequency Control (PFC & SFC)
  • Reactive Power Support including Synchronous Condensers
  • Voltage Management
  • Inertial Response
  • Reserve Power
  • Black Start
  • Line Charging
Grid Integration and Compliance Studies
Comparison of Alternative Grid Connection Schemes (In both technical and financial manner)
Power System Modelling & Simulations
  • Power flow analysis
  • Contingency analysis
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Transient analysis
Assessment of System Ancillary Services and Stability Requirements
  • General requirements
  • Frequency stability requirements
  • Voltage stability requirements
  • Robustness requirements
  • Additional requirements