Thermal Systems
Combined cycle power plants
Coal/Oil-fired power plants
Cogeneration/Trigeneration power plants
Biomass/Biogas power plants
Performance Analysis
Digital Modeling
Heat & Mass Balance
Conceptual Design
Basic Design
Detailed Engineering
Power Plant Control Systems
Consultancy/Owner’s Engineering Services
Engineering Studies
  • Governor Systems
  1. Load Control
  2. Speed Control
  3. Pressure Control
  4. Coordinated Control
  • Excitation Systems
  1. Voltage Control
  2. Reactive Power Control
  3. Power Factor Control
  • Power System Stabilizers (PSS)
Performance Tests and Tuning Studies
  • Step Response
  • Frequency Response
Automatic Governor Control (AGC) Studies
AGC Design
  • Plant load control principles
  1. Integrated control of Plant Load Programmer and Unit Load Programmers
  2. Setting the plant prefixed electric load value
  3. Upper and lower limitations of load references
  4. Plant load programmer
  5. Load program of individual units
  6. Allocation of electric load reference to units
  7. Participation to primary frequency control
  • Steam turbine pressure control principles
  1. Load control and participation to SFC
  2. Fixed pressure and sliding pressure modes
  3. Load reference block diagram
  • Plant coordinated control system operator interfaces
Assessment of Power Correction Curves
Capacity Calculations and Ramp Rate Tests
Capacity Increase and Maximization of Secondary Frequency Control (SFC) Reserve
SFC Reserve Verification Tests and Certification