Due Diligence & Feasibility
Review of Existing Documents
History of the assets/facilities
Feasibility reports and/or inspection reports
Rehabilitation projects
Other documents (characteristics, efficiencies, O&M documents, fault records, etc.)
Walk-through audit of facilities
Discussions with key representatives
Site inspections
Review of key documents
Assessment of main and auxiliary equipment
Review of O&M strategy
Individual plant analysis
Review of key plant matrices and key business plan assumptions (availability, generation, efficiency, O&M costs etc.)
Review of long-term assessments
Detailed snapshot of the plant
Assessment of heat and mass balance diagrams
Performance assessment by comparing as-is status with design values
Major equipment list
Project scheduling
NPV and IRR analysis
Market analysis
Solar and Wind Power
Project definition & Development
Site prospecting and assessment
Solar & wind resource analysis
Energy yield assessment
Consultancy for M&A / due diligence
Techno-economic pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
Technology analysis & selection
Preliminary design and conceptual engineering
Plant operations concepts
Training of operating staff / capacity building
Project development / licensing & permitting
Environmental impact assessments
Basic engineering / detailed engineering
Technical optimization
Lender technical advisory / independent engineer
Electrical grid connection study
Dynamic load flow studies
Grid supply and demand side management
Financing structure & modelling
Economic reporting
Roi calculations
Tax determinations
Regulatory requirements
Finance arrangement & negotiation
Solar and Wind Power
Owner’s Engineer & EPCM
Equipment purchase management
Vendor inspections
Construction surveillance
Project management
Site management
Owner’s engineering
Final acceptance tests
Detailed engineering
Engineering review
Warranty support
Verifying plant output and performance
Commissioning surveillance
Performance measurements
SAT and FAT approval procedures
Tender and ITB preparation
Key component specification
Bid evaluations/ EPC tender review
Design and advise EPC/EPCM contract
PPA preparation / negotiation
Design and advise O&M contract
Assistance during contract negotiations & contract review
O&M definition
O&M cost evaluation
O&M supervision
Evaluating plant output and performance
Examining guarantee and performance claims
Optimizing commitment schedules
Optimizing processes and systems
Training of operating staff / capacity building
Thermal Power Plants
Combined cycle power plants
Coal/Oil-fired power plants
Cogeneration/Trigeneration power plants
Biomass/Biogas power plants
EPC tender preparation
Owner’s engineering
Engineering and design
Project management
Feasibility studies
Equipment selection
Equipment supply
FEED for Investments

Front-end engineering and design is the study required to produce quality process and engineering documentation of sufficient depth, defining the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction of facilities and supporting a ±10 percent project cost estimate. This distinct project phase is typically used to:

Develop the engineering design packages that can be used to bid a lump sum EPC scope and / or provide the foundation for the detailed engineering phase
Evaluate options that will improve the return on assets (ROA)
Prepare cost estimates for scope definition and for project funding
Support internal funding requirements
Power Transformers
Project Management Services
Transformer Failure Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) Studies
  • Grid assessment & analysis
  • Visual inspections
  • Review of historical records (relay recordings, O&M recordings etc.)
  • Verification of transformer ratings (short-circuit analysis etc.)
Consultancy Services
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Tendering stage support
  • Supervision services during manufacturing
  • Support for acceptance tests and commissioning
Root-Cause Analysis of Power Plant Trips
Assessment and Analysis of;
  • Relay event records
  • SCADA historical logs
  • Excitation system, its limits/parameters
  • Governor system, its limits/parameters
  • Protection system, its limits/parameters
  • Transmission network
Event Modelling and Simulation in Simulink
On-Site Verification Tests (including step response and frequency response)
Remedy Actions
  • Design of power control algorithms including both active & reactive power (load control, pressure control, voltage control, reactive power control etc.)
  • Tuning control system parameters (governor and exciter) and protection limits
Owner’s Engineering

NEOS Enerji has extensive expertise and experience in different engineering and power plant applications. In this way, NEOS Enerji provides all kinds of engineering services during the implementation of the Owners' projects in order to represent the interests of the Owner.

Neos Enerji Owner’s Engineering

NEOS Enerji as a reliable business partner performs following activities within the scope of this service;

Design review for Contractor’s Engineering documents
Inspection and control of facilities and erection activities carried out by contractors during construction / installation,
Evaluation and approval of progress payments prepared by contractors
Resolution of disputes between contractors and Owner
Supporting the Owner during the performance test and acceptance phase
Audit of warranty process services
Proposal and Procurement Support

Provision of engineering services including bidder proposal preparation and procurement of equipment for power plant projects.

Basic design for the plant and equipment
Preparation of BoQ’s for major equipment
Preparation of BoQ’s for balance of plant
Identifying the procurement packages
Detailed procurement schedule
Cash flow for the project expenses
EPC Tender Preparation

Extensive experience in a wide range of plants and technologies

Preparation of EPC Tender Documents for;

Combined cycle power plants (CCPP)
Cogeneration/Trigeneration power plants
Biomass and geothermal power plants
Solar and wind power plants
Full or partially scope assignments
EPC-M Services

Project delivery through engineering, procurement and construction management contracts

Basic and detailed design and engineering
Establishing, implementing and managing tendering processes for procurement of all equipment and materials and awarding and managing works package contracts
Overall project management and administration of work package contracts, including during warranty periods.
Performance of the design and engineering
Preparation of the project budget and project schedule
Management of procurement, including a failure to implement an objective and competitive tender process
Management, administration and supervision of the work packages
Coordination of the design and construction works between works package Contractors.
Inspection and Control Services

Provision of quality control services for the equipment of power plants in the scope of;

Design review and check conformance to standards
Test reports for surface treatment methods
Approved procedures for all metal forming methods
Dimensional reports for fit-up operations and final products
Weld log preparation, approved WPS, WPQRs
Destructive tests (Chemical Analysis, Tensile, Hardness Tests) and non-destructive tests (Radiographic, Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Hydrostatic Tests etc.)
Project based quality documentation for all steps
Conducting PMI and FAT’s