NEOS Enerji

NEOS Enerji creates innovative solutions in energy to support customers worldwide to act on sustainability and global trends of urbanization and digitalization.

Through NEOS Enerji tailored made services, our customers obtain:

Strong, Experienced and Knowledgeable Support
High-Quality Services from Top-Class Consultants
Visionary Perspective
Best Value for Your Money
Solutions Focused on:
  • High-quality & reliable power delivery
  • Productivity and benefits growth
  • Environmental and social impact minimization
Why NEOS Enerji?

NEOS Enerji’s expertise spans the entire life cycle of projects in the power generation, T&D, energy markets, project management and finance.

Our services encompass consulting and planning, engineering and design, procurement, construction and construction management, program management and asset optimization.

Broad and cutting-edge expertise
Proven track record of technological and managerial experiences gained worldwide in amongst others energy, generation, T&D, project management and finance
Independent assessments and reviews
Multidisciplinary capabilities coupled with interdisciplinary working methods
Integrated Management System Policy Statement
Download Integrated Management System Policy of NEOS