Exhaust Stacks

Design, manufacturing & supply of exhaust Stacks for Gas Turbine, Diesel and Gas Engine

Basic and detailed design
Low pressure drop characteristics
Flexible design
CFD and stress analysis
Static analysis
High quality approach
Internally or externally insulated
Flue Gas and Air Dampers

Design, manufacturing & supply of dampers for the control of flue gas or air routes in power plants, Cement Plants, Chemical Plants and Refinaries.

  • Butterfly type
  • Louver type
  • Guillotine type
3-Way Type
Electrical actuation or pneumatic actuation
On-off or modulating type
Exhaust Silencers

Design, manufacturing & supply of exhaust silencers for Gas Turbines, Diesel& Gas Engine Exhaust Stacks and HRSGs.

Baffle and vent silencers
Low pressure drop characteristics
High performance attenuation
Fabric Expansion Joints

Design, manufacturing & supply Fabric Expansion Joints with steel frame to compansate the thermal expansion on the ducts for hot flue gas in power plants, cement plants, chemical plants and refinaries.

The expansion joints are used at following locations:

Gas turbine outlet
Exhaust stack inlet
Heat recovery steam generator inlet
Flue gas duct connections
Storage Tanks

Design, manufacturing & supply of site Storage Tanks as per API650.

Basic and detailed design
Water Storage
Fuel Storage
Conical or Dome Roof
Site or Shop Fabricated